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million bail after being captured on the man's home surveillance footage the night he was shot.24, concerned that the victim had uncharacteristically not logged on for work that day, according to Everett police.A search of the man's surveillance system showed that the same woman, later identified as Wallen, visited his home five times between Oct.

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They believe that with enough time and chance - just maybe some unscientific reactions may beat the odds and "improve all by themselves." God can then be ignored and evolutionists can claim to be logical and forward thinking in their ignorance of what's most important in this life.

So it's an illustrated (in crayon) catalogue of logical stupidities, internal contradictions and arguments against a young Earth.

The list claims to have 101 points, because impressive numbers are impressive.

But if the long eons just weren't there in the first place then evolution falls like a house of cards.

The problems are truly mountainous unless the process was not being measured and checked at regular intervals, as would have happened at the time of Alfred the Great.

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