Wpf updating ui asynchronously

- The btn Cancel_Click method executes on the click event of the Cancel button, requesting for the Task Cancellation.

Run the application, the following WPF Window will be displayed: The window has the Cancel button disabled. Now Load Employees button gets disabled and the Cancel button gets enabled.

The This instantiation can be definitely made in XAML as well, nullifying the amount of C# code for the view, as for example in the following article.

The background ticker and the word count are now bound one-way and marked asynchronous.

To recapitulate, the first article in the series used Reactive Extensions (Rx) directly in Windows Forms UI logic to implement a UI with a simulated background calculation, which delivered a timestamp each second.

The TPL provides classes like Task and Parallel which were used for performing asynchronous programming and parallel operations respectively. NET 4.5 with C# 5.0 we got the async and await keywords for representing asynchronous methods.

In this project in bin\debug folder add a new XML file name

Add the following sample data in it: The XAML has a Data Grid for displaying Employee Data.

- The btn Load Employee_Click is the method that gets executed on Load Employee button click event.

This method declares the Cancellation Token Source object and the Progress object monitor the Task progress for the Load Employee and accordingly sets the value for the Progress Bar of name progress.

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