World star hip hop dating site

balances itself as both a humor site as well a hip-hop site, and it is doing great, unlike most sites who have descended into distasteful blaxploitation and senseless humor.

Worldstar is and will always be a phenomenon, and will always be one of the best aggregates of hip-hop content in the web. Therefore here we present some of the alternatives to WSHH that you should check out.Eminem and XXL teamed up together to release a special issue titled XXL Presents Shade 45 in August 2005, which was designed to give maximum exposure towards Shade 45 as a radio station and also at the same time giving maximum exposure to the Shady Records label as a whole, as well as the radio DJ’s and G-Unit Records’ artists.It is one of the coolest hip-hop websites to visit.Watch prank videos and pics, laugh at Lebron James jokes and celebrity bloopers, and of course, download and listen to some hip-hop.Click here to Visit Everyone Loves Hip Hop is the website for your daily dose of Hip Hop news.

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