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I’m sorry to say that if you’re crushing hard on the awkward and sarcastic Stiles Stilinski — then again, who isn’t charmed by him other than some angry packs of wolves? As fans know, on the MTV show, he's with something, but I'm not talking about Stiles’ werecoyote girlfriend Malia.

I actually mean that the Teen Wolf actor is taken in real life and has been in a very low-key relationship since 2012.

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That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you – keep watching him to see the truth. If he starts acting “protective” towards you, like shifting himself closer to you in any seating arrangement, or putting his arm around the back of your chair, it’s a sign that he’s interested.Or maybe you caught a guy checking you out and felt like you had a “moment” and you’re wondering if he’s actually interested…, or if he was just bored and it’s all in your head.If he keeps trying to sneak peeks at you to check your response, you can be reasonably confident that he’s doing it to get a reaction out of you.Try leaving to go to the bathroom or get something from outside, then see if you can find a sneaky observation point to watch him. Does he look away really fast when you see that he’s watching you?

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