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Brockman owns a collie named Jessica, whom he had "fixed", and drives a blue Mercedes-Benz S420. Brockman once won the multi-million-dollar (0 million) state lottery jackpot and left the news desk while still on the air, but he remained a news anchor because he was under contract, though he also admitted that he likes making 0,000 a year.

It is suggested that Kent is an alcoholic, unsympathetic and not understanding of what some people have been through in their lives also can be a very resentful person when criticized, and tends to hold grudges against people who have wronged him in the past even though they have apologized for their actions, and apologies have been accepted by him, after he was seen present at Barney's A. He also has an ongoing feud with traffic reporter Arnie Pye, and has been shown to criticize Pie's reporting; indeed, he once chuckled sadistically upon hearing the news that Pie had been killed in an accident.

He is known for using news-speak in everyday language; for example, he shouts "This just in: Go to hell!

Kent Brockman, once known as Kenny Brockelstien (born October 25, 1939 as Brock Kentman) is a local TV news 'personality' for Channel 6.In addition, in A Tale of Two Springfields, he also mentioned Golden Showers (i.e., slang for peeing on someone) on the air when "thanking" Homer Simpson for ensuring Olde Springfield had a Gold Rush (although given his confused reaction to people offscreen laughing hysterically at the statement after saying it, as well as the context, he was probably meaning literal golden showers as in golden showerheads, and he was trying to be sincere).On a similar note, he also once said "I pee freely" on the air without being reprimanded or even bleeped out (although in that case, it was implied that he had been tricked into saying it on the air by drunken fraternity boys regarding a giant lizard doing a destructive fight in Springfield, and more specifically as "I. Freely", and he proceeded to groan in irritation upon realizing what he had actually said.).Despite all of this, he has won a string of media awards, but is most proud of his unspecified trophy from Del Monte.He was also a war correspondent during the Vietnam War, the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and the Gulf War (although, as he just says "Iraq", he could have been referring to the Iran-Iraq War).

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