Who is sheena easton dating

Mark", "Sister Fate", and "A Love Bizarre" with the latter becoming one of her signature songs.She is commonly referred to as The Queen of Percussion. is the daughter of Juanita Gardere, a dairy factory worker, and percussionist Pete Escovedo, with whom she frequently performs.Dance troupe, So You Think You Can Dance finalists joined them on stage.

The album spawned singles: "Sex Cymbal", "Dropping Like Flies", and "Cry Baby".

The album's title-track single "The Glamorous Life" peaked at number 7 the Hot 100 and also topped the dance charts for two weeks in August 1984.

The video for the song would bring three MTV Award nominations for Best Female Video, Best New Artist, and Best Choreography.

In 1983, she joined Marvin Gaye's final tour Midnight Love Tour as one of his percussionists. at a concert in 1978, when she was performing with her father.

After the show he met her and told her that he and his bassist Andre Cymone "were just fighting about which one of us would be the first to be your husband." He also vowed that one day she would join his band.

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