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They discuss films Brittany has acted on such as We Are Your Friends. The podcast from here on begins releasing filmed versions of its episodes on Fullscreen; the audio-only versions are still released for free.

They also discuss controversy surrounding the star, and her feelings toward Vine. Shane and Jessie interview You Tube star Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman.

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(This is Joey Graceffa's third podcast appearance.)Shane and Jessie interview Mean Girls star and Jessie's friend Daniel Franzese. Shane and Jessie talk with Shane's best friend and one of the stars of Dawson's movie Not Cool, Drew Monson. They discuss Shane and Drew's relationship and clear up tension between Drew and Jessie due to previous comments made by Drew towards Jessie on episode 42.

Its interview-format has been compared to that of Howard Stern, with Dawson stating: "Howard Stern is one of my idols.

I love interviewing people and getting them to talk about things they’ve never talk about." In 2015, i Tunes featured the show in their "Best of 2015" podcast list.

The third season of Shane and Friends was released on January 6, 2015, featuring guest Ricky Dillon.

The show went on a brief hiatus during the month of August as Shane was recovering from an injury, and officially returned on August 28, 2015.

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