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Tia gave another side of African-American females to be represented - the professional (though she did come-off as stuck-up sometimes).I KNOW the Brandy character is like that, along with Tasha Mack, and the preview showed Lauren London mushing dude in the face..shall see...How many shows do you know, get cancelled and then return 2-3 years later be renewed on a new station especially a all black cast?! How is it, we work so hard to get this show back on TV, then want to give up on it? They messed with the Mel/Derwin storyline so much... I can't with The Game anymore...especially not with Lauren London... I keep checking to see if maybe it will go back to how it used to be but I see now that it never will.I don't know if it's different writers or they chose this direction but this isn't what people wanted back.Derwin and Melanie both have other commitment and will not be doing the show.Let's move on and embrace what the new season has to offer. I stopped watching after the first episode when it came back.American television and film actor who is best recognized as Derwin Davis on The CW's The Game.

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If they don't step it up this season, I think this will be the LAST season of the show. My thing is I don't want a cast full of sterotypical "head-snapping, finger-pointing sistas" cause we're NOT all like that.He was a New England Golden Gloves champion at age 17.He also had comedic film roles in Jumping the Broom (2011) and Blind Dating (2006).Having Pooch and Tia gone is like removing Raymond and Deborah (I know I'm going waaay back) from ELR.They are the main players, the nucleus of the show.

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