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I don't know if I've got the better of it," he admits."The irony is that I didn't start drinking until I was 25.I was providing the entertainment for those who were doing the drinking," he says.Next month Ure will be back in Scotland to take part in Burnsong, a festival tribute to Robert Burns that brings together songwriters from different backgrounds to create new music.And next year, as the first patron of Burnsong, he will curate the event, nurturing the songwriting talents of others.

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From the late 1970s he was a nightclub host and promoter.Now he is on the up, with a new chapter of his life about to begin.Weston-Super-Mare is not far from his home in Bath, but when we meet he is not long off the plane from Canada - the country where he has built a new house for his wife and three daughters.He makes it sound like an extended holiday but the move is an important staging post, a waypoint on the journey back from the alcoholism, debt and despair into which he slid after his 1980s glory days faded."It's one of these things," he says in a Glasgow Corporation accent that hasn't been sanded down by a 30-year absence from the city.

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