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In the book, Marco recalls his brother Simon saying to him at this father's funeral that Frank wasn't his father, really: "He did not bring me up. It shows you how fragile life is and how special and how important it is. It brought out the worst in him." Still, it can't have been easy for him, Marco? I respected him." In his 2007 autobiography, The Devil in the Kitchen, Marco seemed to share a completely different view of his alcoholic father - who died in 1997 - than the one he is expressing today in Dublin. "I had to dry my shoes every time I came home from school," Marco continues, "because they were wet. She had gone to the lost-property office and taken clothes out of that for me. And he didn't put my two brothers and me in a children's home, which would have been totally acceptable in the 1960s. I'd like to think it's good, but I don't take it for granted. I wake up happy every morning." You don't have 49 black dogs barking in your head? My father is Gianfranco." As quoted in the book, Marco launched into him, telling Simon, "If that's the case, then Graham, Clive and I are not your brothers. One thing about our father, what he did, he gave you a better life by allowing you to go to Italy. And that's why you must live and enjoy every moment.

Since leaving the Big Brother house he has taken snaps with several women, with one shot seeing him stood on a balcony with two more ladies in their underwear.

And whatever you think of that is your opinion, but I think it takes a man to do something like that". "Oh, it's good," he smiles, "because remember, remember, I didn't start drinking until I was 38 years of age.

I remember one day being called to the headmistress's office. I went home with two carrier bags from the lost-property office." I say to him that life must have been extremely difficult for his father, Frank, in the late 1960s - trying to bring up Marco and his two older brothers after their mother died of a brain haemorrhage when Marco was six. What he did was sacrifice his own life to keep us all together. Three of my dear friends died in the month of December.

What I think alcohol does is it opens the mind and expands the mind.

I don't think you can ever drown your sorrows in drink.

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