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Le orecchie saranno fatte ripiegando in due verticalmente due strisce bianche più piccole e due rosa da incollare all’interno usando la tecnica della simmetria A questo punto incolleremo alla base con la colla a caldo il muso al centro con sotto una parte delle orecchie in modo da stabilizzare il lavoro e ripeteremo questa fase per ottenere anche l’altra facciata in modo che girando, una volta appeso, avremo sempre ben in vista un musetto.

Una volta che tutto sarà asciutto faremo un piccolo buco per legare un cordino o una lenza e il gioco è fatto.

AIRBOY joins in with another long story by the artist most associated with the feature, Fred Kida. After that, it’s Senorita Rio from Fight #71, her last Golden Age appearance; SUICIDE SMITH from Wings #107, with art by Al Hollingsworth, DON STUART and the FAR EAST RANGERS from Rangers #2, ESPIONAGE (drawn by the great Will Eisner) from Smash #7, and BLACKHAWK from BLACKHAWK #105, drawn by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera.

MOM #107’s three first-timers are an especially illustrious lot.

Sotto la galleria delle immagini delle varie fasi di quelle che abbiamo realizzato in classe.

A fascinating anthology compilation of “The Great and the Not So Great” among the costumed adventurers of comic books’ Golden Age.

Then, Standard/Nedor’s supernatural wonder, The GHOST; in an Augie Froelich-illustrated story from Thrilling #44.

Si tratta di un’idea molto semplice da realizzare soltanto con cartoncino bianco, nero e rosa, un pennarello nero, forbici, colla stick e colla a caldo.Then, in a tale set in the Old West, the one-time outlaw The BLACK PHANTOM stops a lynching, uncovers the love triangle behind a murder in “Hang “Em High”, written by Mark Holmes with art by Eric Van Elslande.Plus, additional stories starring NIGHTVEIL, TARA and SHE-CAT each fighting on their own, featuring artists including David Matsuoka, Silvano Bergamo, Javier Lugo, Chris Dreier and talented newcomer Florentino Cuevas IV. VICTORY takes a weekend off and STARDUST works at her consulting job at NASA, SHE-CAT and TARA must deal with an extremist whose stolen technology is turning the city of West Palm Beach into a prehistoric jungle in “The Pursuit of Paradise”, written by Andrew Hawnt with full art by Dave Matsuoka.JONATHAN WEIR’S Vault of Heroes and spend decades in suspended animation, read “Masquerade’s End” for one example.A somber saga of past history starring MISS MASQUE, written by Lou Mougin, with art by Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin. Issue/Number: Volume 18 UPC Code: 64924192152301811 Retail Price: .95 Format: Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched Dimensions: 10″ X 6.50″ Page Count: 164 pages Color: Black and White (with color covers) Intended Audience: All ages Genre: crime/romance/history- Pre Code reprints of 1940’s-1950’s comic book stories Country of Origin: USA Ship Date: June 27, 2018 Writers: Carl Wessler, Ruth Roche, Joe Millard, Dick and Dave Wood, George Kapitan, Bill Woolfolk and others uncredited Artists: Alex Toth, Matt Baker, Reed Crandall, Bob Powell, John Romita, Ralph Mayo, Chuck Cuidera, Sheldon Moldoff, Bill Draut, Louis Zansky, Harry Sahle, Rudy Palais and others uncredited.

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