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V stops a domestic terrorist cell with the help of an old ally from World War II, written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by returning fan-favorite Jacob Bear.

Then, when a misguided scientist’s study goes terribly wrong (that happens a LOT, doesn’t it? ) that brings the worst nightmares of any human it encounters to life in “A Matter Of Matter”, also written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Francesco Savi.

Dovremo poi ritagliare dei dischetti bianchi aiutandosi con una forma, tipo un vecchio cd, da incollare sul davanti con la colla a caldo su cui possiamo disegnare il muso del coniglio aiutandosi con dei piccoli ritagli rosa e neri a forma di cerchietti (per gli occhi) e di triangolo (per il naso).

Successivamente disegneremo i baffi con un pennarello nero.

Then, NIGHTVEIL finally wanders back to FFHQ, where ROBERTA STROCK breaks the news about RIO RITA’S demise to the mystic miss, leading to a nocturnal visit to Brazil, hitherto unknown revelations about past FF history AND the mysterious machinations of a shadowy villain in “Here Comes The Night”, written by Mark Heike, with art by Javier Lugo and Chris Dreier.

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Si otterrà così, una volta schiacciata dall’interno verso l’esterno, la forma circolare della base.(although she was known as “miss” back then) VICTORY against cold-war espionage in the Arctic in “The Polar Bare Affair”, written by Bill Black, with art by Dave Matsuoka and Jeff Austin.A classic heroine of comics and film returns to AC Comics pages as NYOKA THE JUNGLE GIRL returns in a special guest-story, “The Golden Mace”, written by long-time industry veteran Lou Mougin, with art by Francesco Savi.Sotto la galleria delle immagini delle varie fasi di quelle che abbiamo realizzato in classe. A fascinating anthology compilation of “The Great and the Not So Great” among the costumed adventurers of comic books’ Golden Age.

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