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Events we’re looking at in the coming months include the World Blockchain Summit in Nairobi, the World Blockchain Summit in Moscow, and the APAC Blockchain Summit in Melbourne.

This is the reason we’re giving ourselves an 8 week lead up to the main ICO — to make sure that we can use our pre-sale funding to its full potential, and create the hype our platform deserves.

Bringing Huge Advocates on Board We are already in discussion with some big names in the crypto and crowdfunding world who will be creating a huge buzz about Acorn over the next few months.

Attending Events Worldwide The team will be flying all over the globe in the lead up to the ICO spreading Acorn’s name far and wide.

Ensuring Sustainability We want to make sure that our token and platform has longevity to serve its purpose as a global crowdfunding platform.

To do this we need to build our team, implement solid processes, and continue building relationships with accelerators worldwide who can connect us with the individuals and start ups that need our platform most.

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