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Elements of this story; its plot, setting and character names, are not necessarily unique to this story, and any resemblance with actual events, places and persons is unintentional.I wish to thank all the past writers and storytellers in the English language for the inspirations used to write , with a special thanks to the authors, reviewers and readers of this web site for their encouragement and support. Epps, the dumpy looking woman in the traditional black robes of the court standing next to the girl says, Your honor, my client wishes to plead guilty to the charge of adultery, but begs the indulgence of the court and wishes to have the following statement made part of her cases where-abouts are presently unknown, do hereby swear the following statement concerning the facts in my case are true.was written in 2008 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.Since the municipal clerks who work at these counters are notoriously slow, most departments have several townsfolk waiting in line for assistance.

The court of the honorable Judge Fairvert hears the case of Cindy Cums, a common whore, vs.You get a suspended sentence with the chance of a complete pardon, if you get married again and have a baby. The worst thing that could happen is that the judge orders you to do some sort of community service.The court accepts your plea of guilty to the charge of adultery and has chosen to show mercy, since this is your first offense and since the planet needs good fertile breeding stock, like yourself.Then off come the shoes, which also tossed in the bag on top of the skirt.s hands are shackled behind her back and a heavy iron collar is bolted around her neck.A short chain is locked to the collar and 2 courthouse guards, one on each side of the sobbing and naked girl, lead Yvette down the center isle of the packed courtroom.

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