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Presently she lives in Los Angeles raising her daughter.

Her daughter’s father is Michael Galeotti whom she married in 2005 and divorced in 2012. Bethany studied dance and acting when she was educated at The Creative Arts Theatre and School.

One critic likened him to a “Viking pool boy,” while another gushed that he was the “stud of the hour.” Sandvoss denies that he’s already reached iconic status in the gay community, but clearly has no problem with the attention: “Hey, if it happens, bring it on.” Odds are Sandvoss’s mind was on other things when he arrived at Harvard as a first-year intending to groom himself for international business and study Mandarin Chinese.

But luckily for the world’s Viking pool boy fans, he burned out on business fast. “I went to prep school so by the time I got to freshman year, I didn’t want to do anything intellectual.” He wound up concentrating in English and picking up theater for the first time.

As a teen, she appeared in a few commercials for Swans Crossing, Dr Pepper and Eggo Waffles. After a series of small roles, she landed a regular casting on the series Guiding Light.

“Hollywood’s so gay anyway,” he says, noting that the casting directors he comes before these days have either seen the movie or heard the buzz around it.

“This was a low-budget, independent film with a great cast that had a niche audience and specific genre.

If I’d done a low-budget sci-fi movie, even if it had a great cast, chances are the casting people would not have seen it.” The film has opened up nation-wide debates about homosexuality and Mormonism, and Sandvoss, playing the boy torn between family, faith and love, has been there for some of them.

After departing from Guiding Light, she starred in a few more pilots and musicals and guest starred on shows like Charmed, Off Centre, Felicity, The Guardian and Maybe It’s Me. That year she released her debut album Preincarnate.

She also went on a tour with other artists in 2005 and released Come on Home.

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