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“This was a low-budget, independent film with a great cast that had a niche audience and specific genre.

If I’d done a low-budget sci-fi movie, even if it had a great cast, chances are the casting people would not have seen it.” The film has opened up nation-wide debates about homosexuality and Mormonism, and Sandvoss, playing the boy torn between family, faith and love, has been there for some of them.

“In some of these places where it’s been seen, people come up to me afterwards bawling and say, this is my story, or that’s what happened to my son or my daughter,” says Sandvoss.

“I get lots of fan mail where people really feel a personal connection to me, and that’s something that’s so rare, to actually have people appreciate your acting—it’s the profession of waiters and people who are starving.” Though Latter Days plays to art house audiences, its form is deeply conventional, almost doggedly so.

One critic likened him to a “Viking pool boy,” while another gushed that he was the “stud of the hour.” Sandvoss denies that he’s already reached iconic status in the gay community, but clearly has no problem with the attention: “Hey, if it happens, bring it on.” Odds are Sandvoss’s mind was on other things when he arrived at Harvard as a first-year intending to groom himself for international business and study Mandarin Chinese.

But luckily for the world’s Viking pool boy fans, he burned out on business fast. “I went to prep school so by the time I got to freshman year, I didn’t want to do anything intellectual.” He wound up concentrating in English and picking up theater for the first time.

While on the show, she graduated high school and was cast in a movie, Mary and Rhoda.

Accepting his first and leading role in a “gay movie” was a potentially risky move for a novice actor, but it’s worked to Sandvoss’s advantage.

“Hollywood’s so gay anyway,” he says, noting that the casting directors he comes before these days have either seen the movie or heard the buzz around it.

” Regarding his style, Wes opts for vintage-style clothing.

He loves things that are soft and broken in, mentioning, “I’ve been known to put things through the wash to distress it myself.” But, when dressing for a more formal occasion, he enjoys Oliver Sweeney, Robert Graham, and Ralph Lauren. ” he exclaims about Ralph Lauren, “It’s a bit premium, but it’s worth it.” The actor even dished some date fashion advice, “Do something that makes you feel good about yourself, if that’s something you wear every single day, then wear that!

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