Website configuration failed failure updating asp net script maps

So, if you are requesting your site from another machine, you may still get a basic error that looks like this: First, if your error is an ASP. NET error, turning off IIS7 custom errors will allow error responses from your application to be sent to remote clients without being censored by the IIS7’s custom errors module.inetmgr.exe”, selecting your website/application/virtual directory in the left-hand tree view, clicking on the “Error Pages” icon, clicking “Edit Feature Settings” action, and then selecting “Detailed Errors”.NET exception (you can tell if it says “Runtime Error” and has the framework version), please be aware that ASP. You can alternatively do this from an elevated command line prompt (Run as Administrator): %windir%system32set config “Default Web Site/yourapp” /section:http Errors /error Mode: Detailed Where “Default Web Site” should be replaced with your site’s name if different, and “/yourapp” with the virtual path you’d like to enable detailed errors for.More importantly, you can configure Failed Request Tracing to only trace requests that encounter a specific failure condition, such as a specific response status/substatus codes, an event of specific verbosity, or a timeout.

Most 404 errors will be resolved right here, by seeing that the request is being made to a wrong url or resolving to a wrong physical path due to incorrect virtual directory mapping.NET overrides the IIS custom error mechanism with its own implementation of custom errors, so you should turn the ASP. NOTE: When you are done debugging, please return the settings back to custom errors for remote requests, or the security of your website may be compromised.Now, you should be getting detailed errors back – for example, the error I was getting before now looks like this (this is the Vista error page – Longhorn Server and Vista SP1 error pages will look much nicer, This information is critical whenever you are debugging server problems, especially on the IIS7 world when most of them occur in one of the modules that take part in the processing of the request.IIS7 strives to improve the experience of diagnosing and solving problems when they do occur, so knowing how to use the new IIS7 diagnostics features can come a long way in helping you become a pro at troubleshooting server problems.This is critical for security of your site, as errors frequently contain sensitive information that you don’t want others to see, but makes getting to the bottom of the problem harder since you cannot see those very error details.

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