Updating your record

Before you update: Some pieces of metadata may be added or updated independently using a resource-only deposit.

These includes funding, license, Crossmark, relationship, and citation list metadata.

You will require Member API credentials for the sandbox testing server, as well as a testing record on the ORCID sandbox in order to test adding and updating items to the ORCID record.

Check our getting started guide to learn how to get credentials and a testing ORCID record.

The user starts in your local system, which refers them to a customized authorization URL.

If you are providing a tab-separate list, we can usually process your request within 24 hours.This tutorial will walk you through adding information to an ORCID record, formatting data per the ORCID message schema, and updating or deleting data that you have previously added to an ORCID record.It is based on version 2.1 of the ORCID message schema.If you need your URLs updated on a specific day or have a large number of URLs to update (over 100,000) please to coordinate the update schedule with Support to avoid delays.We can provide a list of your existing DOIs and URLs if needed.

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