Updating your record

Before you update: Some pieces of metadata may be added or updated independently using a resource-only deposit.

These includes funding, license, Crossmark, relationship, and citation list metadata.

Please use this online form to update your address and information with the Randolph-Macon Academy's Office of Advancement.

Here are some common questions (and answers) about updating and maintaining your metadata records.

Sample XML files for creating new items on the ORCID record and reading existing items on the ORCID record are available in our Git Hub repository.

We also recommend that you validate your data against our XSD.

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Employees must reside within the service area in order to be eligible for the health plan.

You can help make life easier for your users by connecting validated information to their ORCID records—and you will also be helping to build trust in scholarly communications.

And by keeping that data up to date, you can reduce the reporting burden for your users and improve data quality.

No, you can always update your metadata to make corrections or to provide missing data.

Re-submit your metadata record with the updates included.

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