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It shouldn’t concern itself with it can display, as that should be determined by what you plug into the TV.

(In other words, a TV should be a glorified monitor and nothing more.)Smart functionality requires a smart interface.

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Why spend extra on a smart TV when you can just go dumb and spend the money you save on a Roku or Chromecast?

and view video feeds that they shouldn’t be able to view.

How violated would you feel if you learned that someone had been watching you through your own webcams every time you’re on the computer?

And while there are steps you can take to stay safe If there’s one reason that should dissuade you from buying a smart TV today, let it be this one: the ideas behind the smart TV are great, but smart TVs themselves are not the right way to implement those ideas.

Given a few more years, smart TV technology will be completely obsolete.

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