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Read #De Smu ME_runs_too_slow.21 for more information on how to improve emulation performance.See #Every_time_I_run_the_program_my_settings_are_gone.21_I_have_to_keep_entering_them_over_and_over.21 In 0.9.5, the default location for files changed.First of all, check that the host hardware is configured for best performance: Note that increasing the execution speed does not mean that De Smu ME is doing less emulation.In fact, De Smu ME must emulate every single frame regardless of execution speed, even if De Smu ME doesn't necessarily show it (most likely, De Smu ME will begin dropping video and audio frames at high execution speeds). To achieve higher execution speeds, you will need to configure De Smu ME to operate at the highest performance possible.Older versions would use the rom directory; and now in Windows it is the directory that the emulator runs from; and in OSX/Linux it is ~/.config/desmume.In Windows, use the path configuration to point to wherever your files are or copy them to the new spot.This is a problem in many windows apps and this solution will usually fix it.

You may also consult to easily identify the save type for your game. Due to constant internal changes in De Smu ME, it is possible that a save state created with one version may not work with another version of De Smu ME.That being said, De Smu ME offers many options for you to find the best balance of compatibility, features, and performance.And remember that it is a balance -- gaining extra performance will always mean that you need to give up some features or reduce compatibility somewhere. Listed below are things you can do to improve De Smu ME's performance.It is not a high priority since nobody yet has proven that they actually need the external firmware.If there was a way around it, I would've just told you.

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