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Validity Start Date Calculated from the PC’s clock settings. IP address: The Common Name is used to uniquely identify the device.Validity Period Number of days (1 to 3650) that the certificate is valid, starting from the Validity Start Date. For HP Jetdirect print servers using EAP authentication, some authentication servers can require configuration with the Common Name as specified on the certificate.All you have to do is to allow us to access your computer through the Internet and our Certified technicians will help you get started with HP Laptop or Desktops. Handling HP printer requirements by its speed and performance.

Then enter the password that was used to encrypt the private key. To export a certificate and private key, enter a password to use to encrypt the private key. Then click Save As to save the certificate and private key in a file on your system.

Certificates from a trusted third party are considered more secure.

Install Certificate Displayed only if there is a pending HP Jetdirect certificate request (to a trusted third party).

It is advised that if you are not familiar with the installation steps or process then you take a help of a professional to help you with a smooth and error free installation.

The whole process of resolving the issues with the Laptop or Desktop is simple and time saving. Updating HP Printer drivers common troubleshooting.

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