Updating n95 8gb dating ebook affiliate

Steve Litchfield over from Allaboutsymbian brings news that v31.0.015 is available for the Nokia N95 8GB.As the N95 8GB has no UDP you need to back up all your data before updating your N958GB to v.31.0.015.So, fire it up and you'll get a rather unassuming window like this: Click on the "Scan" button in the top-right corner, the one that looks like a magnifying glass, and you'll get a faceful of information.Second from the left in the second row of icons in that window is "phone info".

Click on the "Read" button at the bottom of this section and information about the phone will be filled in (note that this confirms the product code printed in the battery compartment): Next go to this page, where you will find the product code for the vanilla version of the N95 in your region.

You just have to remove the battery compartment cover and take the battery out in order to get to it.

Note that I have blurred any areas that would identify my handset and allow mischief…

The update is available through the Nokia Software Updater.

i always tick the lot, and consequently it takes hours just to get a back up from my phone. If I had 10 for every time an AAS user has posted a "help" thread after restoring a backup after FW flashing, I could give up my day-job.

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