Updating monitor driver

eibd could also be configured to work as a router or tunnel to support access for ETS.Unfortunately busmonitor isn’t working properly - or at least it doesn’t for me - if there is more than one tunnel active through one interface (regardless of which interface, whether eibd or knx/IP).I have ‘Gira Tastsensor 2 ’ which can’t be programmed if open HAB is online - perhaps due to my configuration, I’m using ETS from a VM under Xen, so maybe…but as I don’t do heavy programming @ knx I’m fine with that, and other knx hardware, particularly Hager actuators, doesn’t have this restriction. It answers almost all of my questions and gives me more courage to start on the project. I read on Git Hub that they have a long way to go forward.But normally (when I am lucky) I will get everything working with the USB connection.

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Do you mean the busmonitor from knxd or a busmonitor in Open Hab?But I only have one bus cable and all devices are behind the same bus line .Isn’t it better then to use a KNX tunnel instead of a router?When a dedicated KNX Router or Tunnel device is more stable or better then using EIBD I will consider buying one.Examples are more then welcome and my last question at this moment is: I’m using a Weinzierl 730 IP Interface which suits my needs.

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