Updating file

It is a typical situation when you need to update baseline data used by a file checkpoint in order for the checkpoint to be passed.Test Complete allows updating the data of file checkpoints either at runtime or from the test log after the test run is over.The repository is on these lines to start the external merge tool to resolve the conflicts.When the update is complete, the progress dialog shows a summary of the number of items updated, added, removed, conflicted, etc. This summary information can be copied to the clipboard using .

If you want to further automate your localization process, you can use Transifex's API or command-line client and integrate with your build process.

This behavior is usually helpful because it prevents you from accidentally overwriting files, but in the case, that’s what you WANT to do.

If the updated file is renamed to cheeses-1.pdf, none of the links on the site will point to it – they will still be pointing to the old

Because the check only happens twice a day, there may be a delay between when you update a file and when Transifex detects the changes.

The updated resource will automatically be available to your translators and reviewers.

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