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Not true, and in any case, "He paid about market rate for the room to the lobbyists who owned the building" is not exactly an affirmative defense.Trump's obvious falsehoods and exaggerations, then, are distorting the truth quite a bit.There are two primary reasons that the Ninth Circuit became a bastion of liberal legal thinking.The first is that judges tend to serve for 15-30 years, and that means that a very large percentage of the current justices were appointed by Democrats.• Trump Doubles Down on Pruitt • Managing Trump, v2.0 • Managing Trump, v3.0 • Trump Will Get to Reinvent the Ninth Circuit • GOP Candidates Have to Walk a Fine Line on Tariffs • Americans Are Taking to the Streets • Democrats Surging in Tennessee No member of Donald Trump's cabinet is currently more embattled than EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, as he is enmeshed in all number of scandals, from burning through tens of thousands of dollars in first class travel, to renting a room at below-market rates from a lobbyist, to abusing the privileges that come with his extensive security detail, to punishing underlings who dared to question his behavior.There are many people, Republicans and Democrats, calling for his ouster.In any case, however, the President never misses the show.

Record clean Air & Water while saving USA Billions of Dollars. As to security costs, Pruitt's bill for the year is going to top million; his predecessor Gina Mc Carthy spent less than 20% of that total.(Z) If and when John Kelly does go, it's a bit unclear in what direction Donald Trump might go for his next chief of staff.He almost certainly wouldn't choose another tough-as-nails general.At the same time, however, they also serve to make one thing clear: While lies are par for the course for the President, he doesn't generally stick his neck out for people he's about to fire. Things can change rapidly in Trump World, of course, but at the moment we have to assume Chief of Staff John Kelly is far more likely to be shown the door right now (see below) than Pruitt is.(Z) The first attempt to manage Donald Trump, with Reince Priebus as chief of staff, was a disaster.

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