Updating bios overheating

Regarding your BIOS update question, I think that would be best to contact the manufacturer's Support.

Hope this will help, D_Know_WD Hi there tommy333, It may be a good idea to back up the data storedo n the drive until you sort this out.

You may also want to remove any dust that has accumulated on the case using a can of compressed air.

Hope this will help, D_Know_WD Hi, D_Know_WD thanks for reply.This can be found in several ways, like accessing BIOS set up or using software like Core Temp.If you are experiencing a CPU that is overheating, this tutorial will introduce you to a few solutions.You can access the BIOS setup, use software like Core Temp or 2040 hwmonitor HWmonitor, or install a probe in the CPU. The latter is usually between 10 to 20 degrees cooler than the former. Beyond this value, the system's thermal protection intervenes and brings the processor to its lowest value.When talking about CPU temperatures, one is typically referring to either the junction temperature (i.e. The maximum temperature of an Intel processor depends on the model, but it normally ranges from 60 to 65° C for the Pentium 4, 50 to 65° C for the Core models, and 70° C for the Nehalem generation (i.e. If the temperature rises again, the CPU automatically shuts off, meaning thermal destruction is virtually impossible for the latest processors.

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