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Perhaps I should have written that I am using KDE4. Unfortunately, I need a bit of time to check your advice for various reason.Anyway, the situation is quite different from 9.2 and quite inconvenient for me, so I will probably write another feature request or a bug report after checking your advice. Ken, I used PCBSD10.2-PRERELEASE--x64and added packages for lumina, but could not reproduce your situation. If you really succeeded in inputting Japanese symbols into Google search bar by ibus, please let me know how you did that.My test applications for all the IBUS input checks were (all on Edge package repo): Chromium (43.0.2357.130), Firefox-pulse (38.0.6,1), Lumina source build (0.8.6-devel), and xterm (318).I believe this is justa problem of environment variable setting of XMODIFIERS and not difficult tosolve, but should be fixed for PCBSD project to be end-user friendly.I tested also on 10.1.2(May 15) and got negative results for chrome, firefox, xfce-terminal."Good day to you," said the knight as she approached the witch.She sat down next to her and the witch looked up."Good day to you, my lady," she replied.

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For Konsole andlibreoffice, I can use ibus for putting Japanese. And I have to mention that this is not just "Japanese problem" butalso applicable to other languages.

I also noticed a couple other separate packages for Chinese IBUS input which are not pre-installed as well (zh-ibus-[chewing, pinyin]).

If you install those packages, it will probably provide IBUS support for those locales as well.

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