Updating anthy

But I can not input Japanese symbols into Chrome google search bar by ibus(either by mozc or anthy).

PLEASE have experiment in BOTH Konsole AND Chrome Google search bar by same key strokes and compare the resutls.

Perhaps I should have written that I am using KDE4. Unfortunately, I need a bit of time to check your advice for various reason.

Anyway, the situation is quite different from 9.2 and quite inconvenient for me, so I will probably write another feature request or a bug report after checking your advice. Ken, I used PCBSD10.2-PRERELEASE--x64and added packages for lumina, but could not reproduce your situation.

She sat down next to her and the witch looked up."Good day to you, my lady," she replied.Here the problem is the difference between Konsole and other applications including chrome.I am using ja-ibus-mozc(it's pre-installed in 10.2) in everyday life, writinge-mails and documents by ja-ibus-mozc Konsole emacs(-nw).Ok, the Japanese character input is supported by a separate package: "ja-ibus-anthy".Once I installed that other package and restarted the ibus daemon, I was able to select the "Japanese - That is not the point.

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