Updating a split ms access database Iliveweb cam

Managing a production database requires a thorough understanding of front end usage in order to prevent disaster.When a local user opens an Access database, there is never a problem because most workstations allow only one keyboard to be used at a time (so the database gets one hit at a time).I was able to split the database and used packaging solution to distribute the front-end. Now I am updating the forms and I cannot figure out a way of updating just the front-end (backend is on the server) wihtout going through the new installation of the new package.I did create the template file while going through the process of packaging the database. The issue is that there is no single way to update an Access application.Microsoft Access 2003 allows a maximum of 255 simultaneous users.The split database is the most common configuration for production databases shared across a company or core group of users.One of the important decisions that must be made before a Microsoft Access Database can be distributed is the form that the database will assume after the deployment.

The advantage of creating a back end file is that there is only one copy of the data to manage and protect.

This is extremely important when moving an application to a multi-user environment.

The database with the queries, forms, reports, macros and modules will be installed on each client machine, and the database that contains the source tables will be installed on the server.

The data files are housed on a server, so there is no need to be in the vicinity of a local workstation.

For example, the server can be located at corporate headquarters in London, and employees located in Amsterdam, New York City, and flying over the Atlantic Ocean can be working simultaneously.

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