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They may have demonstrated this link by: Media which reported on an ‘investigation’ did not check their facts directly with the MMO.

The MMO is not carrying out an investigation relating to foreign ownership of UK fishing vessels.

We publish a list of all UK licensed vessels on our website. We do not take owner nationality or residency criteria into account as part of our fisheries management functions.

Foreign ownership of fishing vessels has previously been the subject of a judicial review, providing relevant case law.

The Economic Link is not ‘a loophole’ as has been reported.

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Figures on people employed as fishermen in the UK are included in the annual statistics publication (Table 2.6), this also includes historical information.

In 2015 around 10,000 people were employed full-time as fishermen, compared to 39,000 in 1938. Further details are in Table 2.3 of the annual statistics.

In 2015, EU vessels caught 683,000 tonnes (£484 million revenue) in UK waters and UK vessels caught 111,000 tonnes (£114 million revenue) in Member States’ waters. This provisional information was also included in the White Paper – The United Kingdom’s exit from, and new partnership with, the European Union.

It will be followed by a more detailed final form statistical release as part of the UK Sea Fisheries Statistics annual publication in September 2017.

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