Transactional publication with queued updating subscriptions

Subsequent articles in this series will discuss maintaining and troubleshooting transactional replication and replicating code modules.

NOTE I discussed typical usage of transactional replication in a previous article, "Introduction to Database Replication." Read that article if you’re not already familiar with replication terminology (publisher, subscriber, and distributor).

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In Microsoft SQL Server, you can replicate data and schema changes from one database server to another.

Baya Pavliashvili walks us through the use of the SQL Server 2005 wizards and scripts for setting up transactional replication and points out some of the cool new features of the latest version.

The first screen of the wizard simply informs you of the tasks that this wizard can help you to accomplish.

I was able to do it good, it was working has I was thinking. Replace the MERGE statement with an insert or an update statement. when we run the MERGE on SQL server 2012 it runs fine.The next screen asks whether you want to use the local server or a different server as the distributor (see Figure 1).If you want to use a remote distributor, you must first run the Configure Distribution Wizard on that server.Some of my other articles also provide replication planning guidelines; I won’t reiterate that information here.The examples in this article are based on SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1.

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