Tips dating british guys nikki and kristin dating

It may sound a bit trivial, but being yourself is the best thing you can do.If he’s already in love with you, he likes everything about you and not who you’re trying to be. Yes, the British accent is very sexy and probably it’s the main reason why you want to date a British man, but it’s a two-way street.It can be difficult for British men to be so direct when British culture is so reserved, but there is nothing wrong with saying exactly how you feel.It may feel awkward to begin with, but you will soon realise that your American girl loves your direct attitude.A lot of British men are actually fond of American accents, especially the one from Texas.British people are usually more closed and don’t like sharing details of their personal life.American women appreciate an independent man who can take care of himself.This is about much more than just money; an American woman wants a man who can take care of his finances and his wellbeing, rather than a pushover who struggles to keep his life together.

For instance, in America it is normal to casually date more than one person, but in Britain you may be frowned upon for doing the same thing.If you’re on a date with her and you think that it is going well, make physical contact.Don’t shy away and wait for her to make a move, as it is likely that she will assume that you are not interested in her.There is no doubt that a lot of women would like to date a British guy.But no one really knows what they need to do to win them over.

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