The single moms dating diary

‘Ask other single parents what works for them, so you can develop your own system,’ says Rebekah.

Become the queen of to-do lists and consider where you can afford to ease the load.

Find something you love and make time for it – schedule it in your diary or let those dishes wait.

Whether it’s swimming, watching or seeing a friend, giving yourself headspace helps you feel refreshed when you’re frazzled.

‘In fact, no one has it all worked out, so just concentrate on what you and your kids need and keep doing things your way.’ Depending on the situation with your ex-partner, try and keep anger moments for when you’re not around the children.

It’s tough for them to see and chances are you don’t want them to have a negative view of their dad (even if you do).

So, take a deep breath, count to 10, put on some music or phone a friend – whatever calms you down.

‘There are two million other single parents out there, so tell yourself – out loud if that helps – that you’re not alone and you do this,’ says Rebekah Barry, part of the advice team at single parent charity Gingerbread.

‘We all compare ourselves to other people from time to time,’ says Rebekah.From holding onto some perspective to boosting your energy, add these techniques to your repertoire Chances are you never pictured yourself bringing up your baby as a single mum.And now it’s happened, you’re faced with a whole host of issues you never thought you’d have to deal with.But whatever the reason you’re not in a relationship anymore, there are ways to make your day-to-day life as a parent that bit smoother.So, take a deep breath and stick this to your bathroom mirror to make the most of your not-so-unique situation.

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