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I read a while back that Marlene Dietrich and Mae West of all people might have had a thing going back in the year one. Riva confirms Dietrich's affairs with Piaf, De Acsota, and Jo Carstairs, as well as trysts with authors Colette and Gertrude Stein. Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West (this actually happened)Willa Cather and Isabelle Mc Clung Willa Cather and Edith Lewis Sarah Orne Jewett and Annie Fields George Sand and Marie Duval Susan Sontag and Annie Leibowitz (this was acknowledged, albeit not until after Sontag's death)[60} GET OVER IT. West loved to shock and Dietrich loved the woman's bawdy humour. Isn't Katherine H and Cynthia more about her being her secret daughter? Martina and Billie Jean, Martina and Wendy, Billie Jean and Wendy, Martina and Billie Jean and Wendy. As r82 pointed out, are we including those who were known to be full couples? There aren't any rumors about Jacqueline Bisset but she has always pinged my gaydar. Tallulah Bankhead and Billie Holiday Alia Nazimova and June Mathis Diedre Hall and Jane Elliott(Sp?

Oh, and as a British lesbian, I can assure you we don't say things like "knockers" or "shag a bint"."Gillian Anderson is a public figure that has depended on media operations to make her name.

Her mom loves washed up sitcom moms and Vegas showgirls though. Shocked at the lack of mention of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. "I find it so weird that the subject line contains "in history" and the OP only lists recent celebrities."I was just about to post this.

There's a lot of gossip on GA having a sexual fetish for women's asses. Agnes Morrehead was with that character actress whose name I can't remember! Not only has the OP listed celebrities, so have a majority of the other posters in this thread.

All to save her image and that of major Fox properties. Why should Murdoch's power be used to cover any longer?

Gillian should be thanking em for this not condemning em; without a strong media empire on her side, people would widely know just how much she prefers a pair of knockers. If there is a green light on another X-Files, that outlook could quickly change.

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