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But at the moment it looks like Gillian will have to cover her own hind quarters."Gillian has used the media repeatedly for her own benefit.She probably was thinking along those lines when she revealed she fancies girls. I read a while back that Marlene Dietrich and Mae West of all people might have had a thing going back in the year one. Riva confirms Dietrich's affairs with Piaf, De Acsota, and Jo Carstairs, as well as trysts with authors Colette and Gertrude Stein. Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West (this actually happened)Willa Cather and Isabelle Mc Clung Willa Cather and Edith Lewis Sarah Orne Jewett and Annie Fields George Sand and Marie Duval Susan Sontag and Annie Leibowitz (this was acknowledged, albeit not until after Sontag's death)[60} GET OVER IT.

I could have sworn that her career ended with x-files. I endorse the Bo Derek & Annette Haven affair; that was one of those open secrets. She has consistently worked since the X-files ended. It seems like an awful lot of work for someone who is a character actress in a few tv shows. There was a thread a year or so ago, when Anderson was reappearing on UK tv and it was clear the Sun was desperately trying to break some kind of "lesbian scandal" story on her.

Those WTA LOCKER ROOMS in the 80s had naked limbs AKIMBO round the clock. The Empress and her dear friend were RUMORED to be lesbian lovers. The people of Russia were eager to believe every bad thing possible that could be attributed to the Empress. They were both gorgeous at the time.[quote[I heard a rumor somewhere that Camilla Belle had a fling with Shannon Woodward. Though CB is a former androgyne of sorts, both are man-worshipers at the end of the day. I think by "heard" you mean "misheard," or by "fling," you mean "appeared in the same project once."C. I can just seem them together, Spring all twittery and light, and Marjorie your basic bull dyke.

Oh, but I didn't really see much, as I was trying to sneak a PEEK at those ATPers. It was only natural that they would gossip about an "unnatural" relationship between her and Anna Vyrubova (a dowdy dullard elevated to a life of privilege for being the Empress' only close woman friend.)Rosanna Arquette and Madonna Rosanna Arquette and Laura Dern Rosanna Arquette and Melissa Etheridge And no [R91], this is not just listing all the female celebrities and pairing them up randomly. Petersburgh when I toured with Alister Sims in Our American Cousin. I love how they were known as the "dowager lesbians of Hollywood."Elisha looks damn fine from the front as well, r139. She "dated" both Jodie Foster's handbag and somehow (I wonder how?

As a lesbian and X-Files fan, I don't want bisexual or lesbian women in the entertainment industry to be attacked in this way.

Oh, and as a British lesbian, I can assure you we don't say things like "knockers" or "shag a bint"."Gillian Anderson is a public figure that has depended on media operations to make her name.

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