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She says she “especially likes the theatrical performances and the opportunity for students from different schools to come together to discuss this important topic.” Samantha Coyle (r), also of Randolph High School, agrees that “this is a topic that needs to be talked about more.” During the afternoon activities, students worked with their classmates and their chaperones to choose and plan two activities to implement in their schools during Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in February 2017.Also, they created posters with dating abuse information, warning signs, and resources.All proceeds from the recent Grand Tastings event will benefit JBWS services including a 24-hour helpline, professionally-staffed safe house for victims and their children, counseling for victims, abusers and their children, legal advocacy program, transitional living resource center, teenage dating violence program, and other community educational and training services to support victims and their families.The agency depends on the community for a substantial portion of its funding.The activities are designed to help the kids build resilience so they can overcome adversity and trauma.They participate in, "Challenges by Choice," which are activities the child perceives as dangerous or risky (e.g., rock climbing, kayaking) and they discuss and reflect on "Positive Statements for the Day" such as "I am strong.“Too many boys don’t know how to handle situations when they hear or see something that’s inappropriate in a relationship. September 2016 - With the full support of the JBWS Board of Directors, JBWS is undertaking its first philanthropic campaign in 15 years.

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So as the name Camp HOPE implies, much of the emphasis with campers is on fostering hope (and having fun! These are compelling results, since the Center notes in its report, “One week can have an unbelievable and significant impact on a child’s life in regards to self-esteem, emotional stability, and confidence,” remarks Amber Szuch, JBWS Director of the Children’s Program.

For more information on JBWS, to volunteer, or to make a contribution, visit org.

For safety and counseling, call the 24-hour helpline at 973-267-4763.

Lee was also noted as an inquisitive, compassionate, thoughtful leader with an upbeat, can-do spirit whose generosity, vision and talent and have made a profound difference in the lives of many.

Lee is the Senior Vice President Human Resources & CDO of Wyndham Worldwide in Parsippany where she engages the employees in various volunteer projects on behalf of the families served by JBWS.

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