Symantec not updating workstations

Very often, company management provides a high level of protection against outside threats while at the same time failing to pay sufficiently close attention to potential factors of internal violations to the organizations information security. According to statistics, 46 percent of all incidents involving the loss of an organizations information resulted from intentional internal security violations.As a rule, this happens by using external or internal drives, portable devices, e-mail, printing devices or wireless networks.Serial numbers are sent to the client only after Doctor Web's sales person has called the client and verified that all the data provided is correct. If Doctor Web's sales person is unable to contact you, you won't receive a serial number.Other rules for processing requests Your request is registered in the database of Doctor Web, Ltd.

About the problem In contemporary business, information is one of the most important assets and the companys well-being and competitiveness in the unstable Russian market depends on the level of its information security.

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Only imagine that one of your employees has been passing strategically-important information to your competitors!

And now - think about how this might reflect on your annual earnings.

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