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"I have a normal, regular life in London," he said. They thought, 'The English are so protective of the Beatles, they're not gonna buy into this.' " He laughed.

"And yeah, very early on in the film, when you have an American cheerleader singing a Beatles song on an American football court, I'm sure a lot of people switched off right there." ("Football court" – aww.) The comment Sturgess hears most often is, he said, " 'You look like that American actor from .' I say, 'Oh really, who's that?

During the rehearsal period, they burned each other mix CDs.

(Sturgess is a musician as well as an actor; in fact, he resembles a cuter Paul Mc Cartney.) He gave her "all these northern British bands," the Stone Roses, the Charlatans, Oasis; she tried to get him into Patti Smith, "which didn't quite work." When the cameras rolled, "Every day was like shooting a new film," he said.

The leading stars were joined at the event by the show’s producers Neil Cross and Kate Hardwood, as well as guests Chaske Spencer, Michael Chernus, Kris Gottschalk, Chloe Wise, Alex Ross Perry, Dasha Maletina, Ryan Craven, Kalup Linzy and Chris Vandenhende.In 2009, he played Gavin Kossef in the crime drama Crossing Over, appearing with Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd.In 2010, Sturgess starred in the film, The Way Back, directed by Peter Weir.Recent examples – What if the protagonists vow not to fall in love ( , have in common two things that are hard to find in our age of Skype and cyberstalking. To me, a love that is cut off while it's still ideal, which fills viewers with bittersweet yearning, is much more romantic than one that carries on into the "Oh my God, the dog puked on the duvet and your mother's arriving in five minutes" everyday. Also, in most romances, the woman is cast first and the man must audition with her, and some actors aren't game for that.First, all are set against grand backdrops of war, crisis or social upheaval, which give the problems of two little people a poignant context in this crazy world. But modern-day audience testing does not allow for unhappy endings. But Sturgess willingly flew to LA – "It would be impossible to cast those two people without having seen them together in a room," he said – and was full of praise for how "encouraging and engaging" Hathaway was in his reading.

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