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Facebook uses Flash for games on its platform as well as for certain parts of its desktop interface such as photo uploading.

Adobe also added that it plans to release an HTML5 video player for desktop browsers, and the company concluded the post by saying “looking ahead, we encourage content creators to build with new web standards.” It’s hard to overstate how much of a pariah Adobe Flash has become in web development circles.

The company says that the new name more “accurately represents its position as the premier animation tool for the web and beyond.” .

“The name Flash Professional associates it with one slice of technology, and it’s not the one people are focused on now when they’re thinking about building new animations for the web.” “Flash Pro users can work the way they’ve always worked and now they can target all these HTML5 platforms, and if they want to do Flash content, they can do that as well,” Gubbay said.

Steve Jobs famously defended that decision in an open letter in 2010 that focused on openness, interface issues and mobile battery life: Flash was created during the PC era – for PCs and mice.Also, you can confirm the event collection items history which you obtained from My Page Let's check Tapjoy offers by clicking Get FREE Coins on Top page of app!This offer is only on Wizardess Heart , Blood in Roses , Destiny Ninja 2 , Love Tangle, Oz , Ninja Shadow , Guard me, Sherlock!Although Adobe’s decision to rebrand its professionally-oriented web animation suite is a far cry from the end-of-life date Stamos advocated, it’s clear that Adobe is beginning to see the end of the road for Flash, and is positioning itself as a leader in HTML5 development.Please note that the event collection items are added directly to "the event collection items Given", not in your Items.

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