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Interface Handling Content Events Document Events Element Events Character Events Handling Special Characters Setting up the Parser Setting up Error Handling Handling Non Fatal Errors Handling Warnings Running the SAX Parser Example without Validation To Run the Example without Validation Implementing SAX Validation Choosing the Parser Implementation Using the Validating Parser Ignorable White Space Configuring the Factory Validating with XML Schema Setting the SAX Parser Properties Associating a Document with a Schema Error Handling in the Validating Parser DTD Warnings Running the SAX Parser Examples with Validation Experimenting with DTD Validation Errors Experimenting with Schema Validation Errors Handling Lexical Events How the This chapter focuses on the Simple API for XML (SAX), an event-driven, serial-access mechanism for accessing XML documents.

This protocol is frequently used by servlets and network-oriented programs that need to transmit and receive XML documents, because it is the fastest and least memory-intensive mechanism that is currently available for dealing with XML documents, other than the Streaming API for XML (St AX).

The parser can generate three kinds of errors: a fatal error, an error, and a warning.

When a fatal error occurs, the parser cannot continue.

Both of these public void start Document() throws SAXException public void start Element(String namespace URI, String local Name, String q Name, Attributes atts) throws SAXException public void end Document() throws SAXException method defined in Setting Up I/O.

You could start using your parser now, but it is safer to implement some error handling.

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However, even if you plan to build DOM applications exclusively, there are several important reasons for familiarizing yourself with the SAX model: It is helpful to understand the SAX event model when you want to convert existing data to XML.So it is easy to vary the way you process text (for example), because you can process it multiple places in the program (for more detail, see Further Information).SAX requires much less memory than DOM, because SAX does not construct an internal representation (tree structure) of the XML data, as a DOM does.Other command line arguments in this part of the code will be examined later in this chapter, when we start looking at validation. Characters found within the element are passed as an array of characters, along with the number of characters (length) and an offset into the array that points to the first character.The following code handles the start-document and end-document events: public class SAXLocal Name Count extends Default Handler { private Hashtable tags; public void start Document() throws SAXException [...] public void end Document() throws SAXException private static String convert To File URL(String filename) { [...] method is invoked, to get the names and counts of the elements contained in the hash table, and print out a message onscreen to tell the user how many incidences of each element were found.

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