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She's now engaged to Linda Perry and still has awesome feelings towards Johnny. Source: s_bukley/Shutter Stock Did you know about any of these couples? What other old TV co-stars who dated did I forget about? 20 celebrities you forgot were in your favorite old movies Follow Gurl, pretty please!An online report claiming that the stars — who played fan favorite couple Chandler and Monica on the popular sitcom — are dating in real life caused a social media frenzy on Friday. But even though Cox, 51, is newly single after the recent end of her engagement to Snow Patrol rocker Johnny Mc Daid, she and Perry, 46, are not “hooking up,” according to E! (Reps for Cox and Perry did not respond to requests for comment.) Still, fans couldn’t help wanting to believe the rumors, especially since the actors have remained friendly since their show ended in 2004.Whether they accept or not, it is up to them, but we surely would not want to stop speculating!

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It didn't take long for her to realize that she was a lesbian and she said Johnny was so sweet about the whole thing and really helped her out.They are regularly spotted together at social events and have also written and directed three short films together.Whether her being his photography muse, or him being present for her education, they are always together.And their hot and sizzling pictures on their respective Instagram accounts substantiate the rumours even more.Neither Aly nor Krishan have ever spoken about their relationship, though it is reported that they spent a lot of time together on the sets when they are not shooting.

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