Spring cleaning for your dating life

Having a tidy, organized kitchen space will make your post-work dinner prep a breeze, and studies show that keeping your kitchen tidy can actually reduce stress-eating and result in weight loss.

Plus, cleaning for five minutes every day is so much easier than spending an entire Saturday scrubbing your counters and floors.

If not, try to pinpoint why and when this occurs, then do your best to actively offer yourself compassion and grace.

It could be as simple as taking the time to pay yourself a compliment when you wake up in the morning (try a positive sticky-note on the mirror in your bedroom), or saying “no” to happy hour plans with friends so you can unwind with a book and glass of wine on your couch.

feeling like you made time in your day for everyone—except yourself.

There’s no denying it: Stress will always be a part of our day-to-day lives, but it can take a toll on our long-term health.

Uncross wires and gain back precious workspace by turning a simple picture ledge into a charging dock.Say bye-bye to jewel boxes and CD stands, and move all your CDs to a storage wallet.Or, better yet, import the songs from your CDs into your i Tunes library and commit to only buying digital moving forward.Plus, you’ll have a renewed sense of energy after discarding the items that weighed you down—both literally and figuratively. Maintaining eye contact is easy when you’re listening, but try doing it when you speak as well.We all need our vent sessions, but complaining for complaining’s sake is actually counter-productive: you’re feeding your thoughts with negative attention, instead of looking for a solution. Make a quick phone call to your provider to get it sorted out. Direct eye contact builds confidence and fosters a connection between two people in conversation.

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