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I have fooled around with a lot of guys but only slept with two. As I was straightening my hair, Tim came in and said "WOW! I was finishing up my hair and I heard the familiar voices and laughs. I went into the living room and there was Rich and his friend. "Hi Kim" Rich said as he came over to me and pecked my cheek. The only cocks I had ever had were about half his mass. My body thrashing from pleasure, he continued faster and harder. Tim let out a moan and said that he was fixing to come. I released Rich's cock and said "hold on guys, I want you both.

I looked at Drew and he had a beautiful smile on his tanned face and I didn't wait for another cue. And from the looks of it it had to be at least an inch and a half bigger than Tim's. He wasn't very thick though but it was the longest cock I had ever seen. He was filling me up but little did i know what full felt like. Drew started to increse his speed and with both men going in and out very fast, I came again.

I dropped to my knees and let my long black hair caress his thighs up to his black work shorts. I could see his cock twitch underneath the thin material of his shorts. I felt Rich's hand rub around my stretched pussy lips then adding my lubrication to my ass. I swallowed Tim's cock over and over again, sucking him with everything I had.

Tim pulled a bottle of Merlot out of the wine rack and I grabbed four glasses. "Ladies first" Drew said as they all followed me through the threshhold. Listening to the roar of the water as it splashes against the jagged rocks below us. Do tell." And I am still amazed at the response that Tim gave. And at almost the same moment in which he was a bout to come I felt a hand on my ass through my skirt. I held each man's cock in my hands and could feel the noticeable difference in them. I spread my legs even wider allowing him full access to my wanting wet pussy. I looked back at them and said in a teasing voice "Well, are you coming?

He started to come towards me and the doorbell rang. Nice to make your acquaintance." "Likewise" I replied. I said "Let's go out to the balcony and get some fresh air while we enjoy our drinks. The orange and purple sky glistening off the wavey tides of the ocean. " With a puzzled look on my face I sat quiet while Rich asked "What? And as I reached for his cock that was already fully erect, I felt Drew unbuttoning my teddy. I turned my head the other direction and noticed Rich standing there rubbing his already stiff cock, not more than five inches away from me. Holding both men's cock's in my hands as my body took Drew's massive member over and over again. Drew took a step back and then they allowed me to walk by and I went into the house, to the living room.

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