Speed sex talk

I grabbed his bulge with one hand and undid his shorts with the other. As I heard moans escape Drew I knew he was fixing to reach climax.

I pulled them down to his knees exposing his semi erect cock. He gave me three or four more quick thrusts and then moaned loudly and I knew he was shooting his load deep in me.

Rich is a guy that we know from the local bar we go to sometimes after a hard day. "He's coming over tonight after he gets off work and he is bringing a friend." The thoughts raced through my head as I knew I didn't have much time... I knew what Tim had planned and wanted to shower and shave my pussy before they arrived. After I showered I hopped out and put on my favorite teddy. You could also see the outline of my teddy through the blouse. I think if you were to touch me right then I would have came on the spot. I wanted to know what it would feel like for his massive cock to be in me. I swallowed Tim's cock and let out moans of delight.

Last Friday after we made love Tim asked me if I had ever considered being with more than one man at a time. We made love again and afterwards I told him that if he could find the right person, I would be willing. The following night the phone rang, Tim answered it and had a conversation. I"ll see you at "I asked him who it was and he said that it was Rich. White silk blouse, making sure to leave it unbuttoned enough to where my teddy peeked out. Could it be possible that I was going to have my way with these three attractive men? His dick had to be at least 10 inches long and very thick. I had his cock in my hand and to my surprise I couldn't put my fingers all the way around it.

Breaking the silence, Tim asked everyone how their day had been. "A good blow job of course." I started to blush as the men then continued to talk about blow jobs and who gave the best head and past expierences, blah blah blah. But I wanted to play the game too so I took it a step further. Teasing the tip with my tongue, tasting the precum that was already oozing out, I dove down and swallowed as much a I could without gagging. I started going up and down smoothly wanting him to come in my throat. I wondered what a cock his size would feel like ramming my tight pussy. I jacked him off while I held his tip in my mouth and he exploded. And as he did I crawled on top of him feeling his huge cock bounce off the back of my ass.

Feeling both of their cocks going at an opposite pace. With the thought of both men in my over stretched pussy, cumming, my body exploded with one final climax. That night Tim fucked me like he has never fucked me before.

June also has an older sister Joanne, better known as Doe Doe, who occasionally makes television appearances alongside Shannon.

June dropped out of high school when she was just 15 years old to give birth to her first child, Anna.

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