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Tributes began flowing on Monday morning for the young woman.Mr Keating's sister, Bree Lyon, said Ms Collie had a 'genuine heart' and a 'beautiful smile'.'I was inspired by you in so many ways my darling girl, you were so strong and so determined,' Ms Lyon wrote on Facebook.'I miss you so much Emily. I love how you loved my brother, the way you looked into his eyes with nothing but pure love, it was the truest thing I've ever been grateful to witness.Con los ojos abiertos y el dedo apuntando al objetivo fijado por la vista, es el momento de saber cual de los dos «manda» en el cerebro.

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An Australian woman has died after crashing her jet-ski into one her boyfriend was driving in Thailand.Some have a total ban on anything with wheels, others ban certain categories, others segregate the human-powered wheels from foot traffic, and others still have no rules at all.Many Middle Eastern kasbahs have no wheeled traffic, but use donkey-driven or hand-driven carts for freight transport.Another friend, Maddie Louise King, said Ms Collie was a 'gorgeous girl' and was shocking 'something as horrible as this can happen, especially to someone you know'.Kaila Grundy said she 'couldn't accept' Ms Collie's death.'Cant accept the fact that such a beautiful person has been taken away too early,' the friend wrote on Facebook.'I feel privileged to have had a friend like you, Em!

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