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Miranda’s life immediately started changing because she started embracing listening to the Holy Spirit, listening to older Godly women. And she took on much more of a mentoring, more life-giving role even after that.

And on one particular day - I share this in my book - it was Mother’s Day. And her mom is emotionally not a very healthy person and has had a lot of troubles. But because she was so immersed in our program at our church, Heartfelt, what Miranda will tell you today after 10 years is I have lots of moms — women who’ve taught me how to cook, how to raise my children, how to do Bible studies, how to read a Bible, which she had never ever done before she came to our church.

That’s what I’m hearing you say, that vulnerability is key to mentoring. So the key to the success I believe to Heartfelt has been putting you with a Heartfelt team. And then there may be another person on your team who’s extremely sociable and easy to talk to people and is a good conversationalist.

But take us through a healthy mentoring perspective. So with your team of heart moms, you’re able to really reach the lives and the heart of younger women on a variety of different levels because you’re not doing it all alone.

That’s one of the most intimidating things that I’ve found that keeps women from feeling like I can’t disciple, I can’t mentor someone else. This is the evidence of that work that you have to go to to be in a mentoring relationship. Miranda came to us as a young wife who came out of a broken home, had grown up basically a latchkey kid with a single mom who worked two jobs.

One thing is realizing that they’ve not done it perfectly, and how can I share that? Well, I think that’s one of the big obstacles a woman needs to get over because of that sense of inadequacy, the idea that I can’t do this, the overwhelming feeling. And it’s kind of that scriptural truth that when you pour into another person’s life, you actually end up receiving more perhaps than that person is receiving because of that giving quality that is so God-like. And when she came into our church family, she was very ignorant and innocent of a lot of things that was necessary to be a godly wife.

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So that was the kind of practical things that we helped her with. You need to be able to - we all do, frankly, but men are more loners.

But speak about the introverted woman who would find this very difficult. Speak to that woman and the need to have friendship, have relationship, have a mentor and to mentor, even if you don’t feel like you are gifted for a relationship.

I have been so blessed to work with a number - well, hundreds of women through this ministry and up close and personal in my home, in my heart group.

I’ve worked with a number of women who would definitely follow that personality type. And she gave her testimony of being a young widow who came as a very shy, depressed, grief-stricken woman to our church family and was taken in by this ministry where she has been loved on.

And what I find is once I have just really spoken into their lives that the - what they have done, give them encouragement because of what their lives are all about, I mean, I think that’s the goal of this mentoring program. And she’s been able to give love through these close connections. Everybody was crying because we didn’t know how she really felt about it.

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