Sophia lie dating anyone are christian zucconi and hannah hooper dating

I swear I'm just watching because I want to see the end. Yeah it's Scandal and she'll probably be a plant but for normalcy sake she was cleared and verified to be a respected reporter.

Did yall catch how fast David turned over in the bed though?! Nothing wrong with Fitz wanting to date her but Fitz needs to realize being single is not the norm so there is a need for new protocols to be put in place.

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She's a petty despot who squared off against her fans & insulted them. I think TG was sucking it in which made him look kinda of silly.Abby running around like a crazy person every time he attempts to slip his penis in the woman is weird.It's not like his sperm is carrying Top Secret information. Abby go over the rules of females visiting and put a plan in place. If a married POTUS is allowed downtime then so is a single POTUS. She walked away from love because she's a big dog which we've yet to see her have any power since cutting all ties with Fitz.I'm gonna need these characters to start acting like they actually have functioning brain cells if I'm going to continue taking the show seriously. Stop writing shit scripts, no wonder why your ratings are going down the drain. I spoke about the show to everybody ( my colleagues , my relatives, my husband , my children , my neighbours etc. Courtney Amaker It may be because Tony has a MUCH BETTER BODY. I've always loved those beautiful fictional creatures.Dear Scandal, Make the show about Olivia Pope again. Please get back to what made me watch scandal in the first place. Most of them are saying those days , we don't watch your show anymore. Escales it would make for good tv, the whole cast is crazy except for Susan let's keep it real.

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