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Although Curtiss worked with her for several years, Genie never developed language abilities beyond those of a 4-year-old, and she ended up being placed in an institution.

The story of Genie shows the importance of socialization in human society.

Dennis Wrong (1961) deplored this view of internalization as being an "" conception of human beings.

It left no room for the "animal" or biological side of human existence, where motivational drives might conflict with the discipline of internalized social norms.

Socialization refers to the preparation of newcomers to become members of an existing group and to think, feel, and act in ways the group considers appropriate.

Viewed from the group's point of view, it is a process of member replacement.

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As a result of her confinement, Genie could not walk and her eyes could not focus beyond the boundaries of her room.She was malnourished, incontinent, and salivated constantly [Curtiss, 1977].Despite all this, when the psychologist Susan Curtiss first met her, Genie was alert, curious, and intensely eager for human contact.Internalization means taking social norms, roles, and values into one's own mind.Society was seen as the primary factor responsible for how individuals learned to think and behave.

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