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Local tips: Baron Palms is an 80 meter walk from the Baron Shopping Boulevard where you will find many different restaurants and bars.The heart of Naama Bay is 15 km from from the resort, where you can find an alternative selection of restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Baron Palms has its very own stretch of 600m private silky-white sandy beach where you sit back, relax and unwind.

Its expansive green grounds are well-tended and include a large central swimming pool and a wide sandy beach.

Rooms are spacious and modern, if a little characterless, though most of them have lovely sea views.

In the evening, guests can enjoy shows at Roman amphitheatre, occasional live music and live entertainment in La Veranda Terrace.

Soho Square is 1.9 miles away while Naama Bay is 9.3 miles from the property.

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