Sikh guy dating muslim girl

This is the third time Angus Reid pollsters have conducted this random survey of a crosssection of Canadians of every religion and no religion.

Since the last poll in 2009, there has been a slight decline in Canadians’ approval rate of each religion, particularly of Islam and Sikhism. residents approve of their daughter or son marrying a Buddhist, while 40 per cent would give their blessing to matrimony with a Jew. residents are generally more skeptical than other Canadians, outside of Quebec, of all religions and of interfaith marriage.

One is that many Canadians have developed exaggerated perceptions that followers of religions like Islam and Sikhism are prone to violence or repression.

The second is that many of the growing numbers of Canadians who follow minority faiths, particularly Islam and Sikhism, are discouraging their children from marrying outside their religion.

I want to go explain this brother about this but wanted to find if the nikah will be valid first.

jazakallah Accepting Islam is from the heart, not only verbally.

Islam is a Divine religion with a set of values and principles.

Verbally accepting Islam to legalise the Nikah will not be valid.

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Assalam-u-alaikum The place where I work, a Muslim brother(far away from Islam) is dating a sikh girl.Asking specifically about interfaith marriage, the pollsters found 66 per cent of British Columbians would find it “acceptable” for their child to marry a Christian. But only 36 per cent of British Columbians support their child marrying a Hindu, just 28 per cent would approve of marrying a Sikh and a tiny 17 per cent endorse wedding a Muslim. Vancouver therapist Faizal Sahukhan, who specializes in working with multicultural couples, frequently counsels young men and women of different faiths who are struggling with issues about intermarriage.The author of Dating the Ethnic Man: Strategies for Success, says all parents, especially immigrants, “want their children to be safe.” Thus, for many parents and their religious clerics, that means children should marry someone of the same faith.Hopefully we can confront the growing problem of Sikh girls losing their identity and therefore eventually ruining their lives due simply to ignorance.Editor’s Note: Bay Area resident Jaskaran Singh is dismayed that Sikhs in the U. are once again being mistaken for Muslims and becoming the target of hate crimes.

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