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This behavior is never okay in a loving relationship.You do not deserve to be treated poorly even though you may have come to the place of believing there must be something inherently wrong with you.Often when we marry, we have the belief that our spouses will do what they indicated in the vows they took — that is love us and honor us and be committed to our relationship.We make promises to be there for each other and to go through life together as one.Then you begin to feel that you don’t measure up and cannot possibly be loved by your spouse or even be acceptable to them. Why should your spouse be affectionate toward someone who doesn’t measure up to there standards?They may state that there expectations are not being met and that you are not worthy of their affection, unless you shape up.Any young person can experience dating abuse or unhealthy relationship behaviors, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic standing, ethnicity, religion or culture.It does not discriminate and can happen to anyone in any relationship, whether it’s one that is casual or serious. There are some warning signs that can help you identify if your relationship is unhealthy or abusive, including the examples below. metro area in need of legal help, contact Break the Cycle's legal services team.

There are a number of signs that we need to be aware of that will help us to identify the presence of emotional abuse. No matter how hard you work at making the house clean and tidy or how much time and effort you put into fixing a dinner that is “fit for a king,” it is never enough or done right or done at the right time, etc.

Every relationship is different, but the things that unhealthy and abusive relationships have in common are issues of power and control.

Violent words and actions are tools an abusive partner uses to gain and maintain power and control over their partner.

It is important to seek help to determine why you have allowed the abuse to to come your direction and what you need to do to change it.

Victims of an abusive partner may be steeped in denial, or they may be completely unaware that the behavior is inappropriate.

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