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But the cost of shipping timber across hundreds and thousands of kilometers of roadless terrain can be too high to render logging profitable in large parts of those regions, said Savko, whose company's business is centered in the Arkhangelsk and Leningrad regions of northern European Russia and the Irkutsk region of eastern Siberia.

Russia lost about 10 percent of its remaining virgin forest in 2000-13, according to a study by Moscow-based NGO Transparent World.

Dmitriyev of the state forest agency admitted the lack of maintenance, saying the country simply does not have the budget for it.

Some of the agency's funds could be reallotted for maintenance, but that would make the forest authorities vulnerable to criticism, Yaroshenko said.

As a result, up to 60 percent of their trees wither and die, he said.

"Without maintenance, you're just burying the replanting money," he said.

His right shoulder was smashed and his left arm severed, evidently in battle. The warrior was buried with a mask on his face, complete with a bear claw above the nose, as well as bronze tools and 25 war arrows — many of which were still sharp when discovered by archaeologists.

The state-of-the-art practice is intensive forest management, where trees are replanted and only partially harvested, allowing forests to recuperate.

Intensive forest management has the added benefit of yielding more timber — up to five to seven cubic meters of timber per hectare per harvesting session, compared with Russia's current average of 1.5 cubic meters, said Vladimir Dmitriyev, a spokesman for the Federal Forestry Agency.

But the replanted forests get almost no maintenance, which is crucial for producing commercially viable timber, said Dmitry Yaroshenko, head of the forest program at Greenpeace Russia.

Only 3 percent of replanted forests in Russia are maintained, said Kobyakov of WWF Russia.

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