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While initially apathetic towards the humans, Alain gained respect for an older Makoto after the latter displayed combat skills that finally allowed Alain to train properly.He eventually befriended the Fukami siblings, labeling Makoto as his best the youngest child of the Grand Imperial Majesty Adonis and the prince of the Gamma.He was the original leader of the Demia Project on Earth, working with Chikara Saionji prior to the latter's death.It would be forty-five years until Alain returned to the human realm.With the aid of Chikara Saionji, a human with knowledge of the Gamma, Alain began preparations for the invasion of the human world.He seems unfazed by Ghost defeating the Gamma, saying that it was only a taste of what is to come.

Voicing to Saionji that his efforts in manipulating Yoshinori Sonoda were for naught, Alain was assured by him that his endeavor was in fact quite productive and that it would prove useful in the long run.Alain learned from Adel that they were after the luminary Eyecons for their power, not to obtain a physical body.Using the Planet Gamma, Alain launched a plan to use a satellite in order to siphon human souls, but was foiled by Takeru again, much to his rage.Alain reassures his partner that he would fulfill his side of the deal, warning Saionji to do the same.After Saionji departs, Alain launches Gamma to take over a city hall, in order to use the location for a Gamma Hole.

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