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is the youngest child of the Grand Imperial Majesty Adonis and the prince of the Gamma.

He was the original leader of the Demia Project on Earth, working with Chikara Saionji prior to the latter's death.

Confronting Specter a final time about his new alliance with Takeru, he warned his former friend that they would be enemies the next time they met.

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Saionji confronts Alain sometime later about Kamen Rider Specter taking the Nobunaga Eyecon.Sometime later, he approached Makoto with a final warning, sending Jabel on his former friend when Makoto swore to live as a human.Having had enough of Takeru, Alain took the Mega Ulorder, becoming Kamen Rider Necrom.Alain learned from Adel that they were after the luminary Eyecons for their power, not to obtain a physical body.Using the Planet Gamma, Alain launched a plan to use a satellite in order to siphon human souls, but was foiled by Takeru again, much to his rage.

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