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What I loved was knowing I could trust the Dommes to look out for me even as I tried to hide my sense of shame at my own desperation with bravado, or later when my arousal and sheer physical pleasure left me babbling incoherently or hardly able to reply when asked simple questions. On a personal and more responsible note, I really wanted to thank the Domina’s at our party for their outstanding care, kindness and constant attention to the safety, wellbeing and health of the guys at the party.A conversation would go something like this: ME: UUURHHHR-OOOOOHHHH AAAAHH EEEK! I’m sorry that one of us didn’t repay your thoughtfulness about our security with equal concern for your privacy and security.All testimonials have been included as received, and are from legitimate party attendees (which can also be proven).If you have attended a party and wish to submit a testimonial, please send yours to “I was flitting around the web looking at various sites and finally coming across the Domina Party website, I stopped looking else whereas I read the various pages, coming more intrigued and excited as I read.

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After a friendly and professional introductory chat between all, asking all the right questions of those present – I had no doubts that I was in the hands of highly experienced expert elite dominas and I felt at ease, but also in excited anticipation of what was to come.

You will have no concerns over hygiene – cleanliness, health and hygiene were expertly and swiftly administered with little fuss.

The goddesses made sure all their cocks were spotlessly clean after use.

By the way, all the goddesses have a vast selection of strap on to chose from, size colour and shape.

Goddess Anastaxia is beautiful, authoritive and an expert while at the same time being charming and a lot of fun.

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