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School was dismissed soon after the incident, so the girls were not disciplined until Wednesday, she said. "If it was a male and a female student, nothing would have been done," Fadely said.

She claims there have been other prom proposals and even a marriage proposal between male and female students at the high school.

Fadely said some students have started a movement to boycott prom if the two girls are not allowed to go together. "Some students have been trying to get refunds for prom (fees already paid)." Further details about the incident were not immediately available.

"I don't think it was right that they might not be allowed to go to prom.

The YMCA policy is to never turn anyone away due to inability to pay the stated fees when need is demonstrated.

Applicant must provide either 1040 Federal Tax Form or document showing most recent 30 days of income.

The girl who initiated the prom proposal and another female student who helped her, were sent to in-school suspension Wednesday, said Ashley Fadely, a senior at Alexandria High, which is in east Alabama's Calhoun County school system. They just got happy, hugged and that was it," Fadely said.

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Michael's Medical Clinic United Way funded program: St. Michel's Medical Clinic provides basic medical services to Calhoun County's uninsured.United Way funded program: Food, Clothing & Emergency Assistance Community Enabler Developer serves low to no income families with food, clothing, household items. The program also provides advocacy to senior citizens to reach the elderly needing assistance.256-237-6144 Family Links, Inc. United Way funded programs: Meals on Wheels Chartered with a mission to deliver hot, well-balanced meals to elderly, home-bound, and indigent residents, Jacksonville Meals on Wheels continues to serve its clients five days a week, delivering meals at or below cost to these individuals.256-435-7623 Piedmont Benevolence Center, Inc.United Way funded programs: Crisis Assistance; Food Assistance Piedmont Benevolence Center provides services to the underprivelieged in order for them to regain individual independence, dignity, and respect.She said none of the students involved in those proposals have been disciplined.Several current and former students posted on social media about the incident.

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